Our recommendations

Global Resort's hospitality

A same service for every customer, where you can have a fun and relaxing experience.

  • Watching Miyajima's fireworks from the rooftop.

  • All rooms are private rooms with bath and toilet.

  • All rooms with high-quality mattresses.

Comfortable services for an enjoyable journey

Travelling in family, couple or even for work, our services assures you a relaxing time.

  • Security

    Our staff is on duty everyday 24h long. Also, for everyone's safety, security cameras are installed at each floor.

  • Luggage storage

    If you are travelling with cumbersome luggage, do not worry a thing as we offer a luggage storage service. Do not hesitate to request us for more information if needed.

  • Free WI-FI everywhere in the hotel

    While traveling, do not worry about internet. Using smartphones or computers, you can keep in touch with your family and the rest of the world while connecting to our free WI-FI.

  • Print out and copy

    If you need to print out and/or make copies of documents, you can request us to use our printer at the front desk's office.

  • Coin laundry and dryer

    Do not be worried about laundry! Our hotel is equipped with washing and drying machines for our customers to use.

  • Free lounge

    We serve breakfast in our spacious first floor's lounge. There, you can eat while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere unique to Global Resort.

  • Shop

    We sell all the needed amenities for traveling as well as Hiroshima's souvenirs at the front desk.

  • Vending machine

    Vending machines selling cup noodles and drinks are available in our hotel. Feel free to use them whenever you need.

  • Parking

    You can park your car in our private parking lot. We also dispose of a special space for mini-bus.

Miyajima island's famous Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima's great Torii gate change of appearance season after season.






One page of History after another

In Miyajima, there are many other nice spots besides Itsukushima Shrine.

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Access (Map)

Global Resort ONO de LUNE

1-10-16 Ohno, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 739-0434.

Circuit guide

① Follow JR Miyajimaguchi exit and turn right at the intersection.

② Go straight for 3.7 km.

③ Turn left at this signal.

④ Turn left in front of Juntendo shop.

⑤ After turning, our parking will be just on your left.

⑥ Our hotel Global Resort ONO de LUNE is right next to the parking.

Our partners

Boat excursion to Miyajima - MouriMaru

Availability under early booking by phone.
● Morning cruise: Embarkation from Miyajima View Marina to Arinohura, crossing Mitoko and Itsukushima Shrines (one-way cruise).
Duration: 1h. Price: Adult 1.200 Japanese yen. Children 600 Japanese yen, Free for -3 years old children. Come back fee: 500 Japanese yen for 3+ years old children and adults.

● Night cruise: Round trip from Miyajima View Marina, crossing Itsukushima Shrine's gate lighted up by the moonlight.
Price: Adult 1.200 Japanese yen. Duration: 1h20 Price: Adult 2.800 Japanese yen, Children 1.400 Japanese yen, Free for -3 years old children

MouriMaru's booking calendar

※ Please note that we will not accept any more booking if the ship is already full.
※ We reserve the right to cancel any cruise in case of bad weather conditions. We thank you for your understanding.

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Okeiko JapanOkeiko Japan

You can experience the traditional Japanese atmosphere of "Miyajima" with the services of our partner Okeiko Japan. You can make a reservation for their services at our hotel. Please apply at the reception.

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Sister hotel

We introduce sister hotel of global resort.