Global Resort hospitality

Common services to all customers
It's fun, exciting and healing "Just Here" service

  • All rooms ocean view

  • All rooms are private rooms with bath and toilet

  • All rooms set up high-end bedside

Family, couple, even at work
Feel free. You can be relieved. We offer such a service

Family, couple, even at work
Feel free. You can be relieved. We offer such a service

  • Security

    You can safely stay at each floor with security camera installation.

  • Luggage storage

    Please be assured even if you come with a large luggage. Since there is a luggage storage service at the reception, please feel free to use it.

  • FREE Wi-Fi Fully equipped.

    During the trip, never to worry about Internet traffic. Please enjoy a comfortable journey by connecting your Smartphone and PC as you like.

  • Copy ・ Print out

    Please leave copies and prints of materials to us. Our staff will do output.

  • Shared Washing machine ・ Dryer

    Not troubled even in the laundry. Equipped with a washing machine which you can use in your. You can use it with confidence in

  • Lounge

    Our first floor’s lounge offers you a pleasant ocean view. Enjoy a free breakfast in the morning, or relax there at any other time of the day, while looking at the calm waves of the Inland Sea of Seto.

  • Shop

    You can purchase Hiroshima unique and accessorise,such as necessary amenities at the hotel.

  • Vending machine

    There is a vending machine in the hotel. Please feel free to use it anytime.long-term accommodation and sports accommodation.

  • Private parking equipped.

    Private parking lot is provided so that you can come by car. Because there is a limited number, please contact us in advance.

Tourist Attractions Itsukushima Shrine "Miyajima"

Torii of Itsukushima Shrine show us the expression of the four seasons.






Please on one page of memories.

In Miyajima there are many nice spots besides Itsukushima Shrine.

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Access (Map)


1-4-1 Ajina, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture 738-0054, Japan

Circuit guide

① From Hiroshima direction, Miyajima Road and Nishi Hiroshima Bypass will join and turn right at the next traffic light (Cosmos marker)

②Enter from the cosmos and along the road, gently turn left

③As you move forward, JR Ajina Station will be visible on your right.

④Go round the roundabout at JR Ajina Station and return the way that came.

⑤ From JR Ajina Station head towards Hiroshima, there is a bridge over Hiroden Ajina East Station(Those who come by Hiroden cross this overpass, walk on the pedestrian road and head towards Hiroshima)

⑥It passes a crossover and it is a little uphill.  It is about 100 m straight ahead until MIYAJIMAVIEW.   There is a signboard at the entrance so please be careful not to pass through.